Annissette says workers being exploited at TTT

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Annissette says workers being exploited at TTT

Communications Minister, Symon de Nobriga. says he unaware of any issues of employee exploitation at the state-owned Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT).

This follows claims made by National Trade Union Centre (NATUC) general secretary Michael Annisette on Saturday, during his Labour Day speech.

According to Annisette, government through their management, are exploiting workers at TTT.

Annisette asked, “Are you aware that if you stand up for your rights at TTT, you are threatened with being terminated for speaking the truth?”
“It means that we the taxpayers are paying for TTT and therefore, we must have a say in TTT…and put an end to the exploitation of workers.”

He also said that some employers, business and political elites are using the pandemic to marginalise workers.

However, de Nobriga said that Annisette’s claims were made without reference to any particulars and without reference to any facts.
He told the Newsday “I am not aware of any such issues at TTT,” and that TTT’s chairman or CEO should be approached for clarification.