Ann Natasha Second elected Chairman in TPP interal elections

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Ann Natasha Second elected Chairman in TPP interal elections

Ann Natasha Second has been elected the new chairman of the Tobago People’s Party (TPP).

The one year old party held its internal elections yesterday(Sunday 7th June 2024) with his politicall leader, Farley Augustine, running unopposed.

The following are the winners and their posts:

* Chairman – Ann Natasha-Second
* Deputy Political Leader – Dr Faith B.Yisrael
* Party Treasurer – Orlando Kerr
* Elections Officer- Otis Noel
* Assistant General Secretary – Jacqueline Vanessa Adams
* Assistant Party Treasurer- Marlon Radgman
* Education, Research and Training Officer- Sean McCoon
* Membership and Mobilisation Officer- Ackel Franklyn

* Political Leader- Farley Chavez Augustine
* Deputy Chairman- Joel Blessed Sampson
* General Secretary – Pearl Alman-George
* Public Relations and Communications Officer- Tynielle Tyn Tyn Jack

Voting took place across seven polling stations across the island: the Bon Accord Primary School, Dixieland Pan Theatre, Calder Hall Multipurpose Complex, Delaford Anglican School, Goodwood Secondary School, Black Rock Multipurpose Facility and the Mason Hall Community Centre and from all accounts, voting went smoothly, but slowly, due to the inclement weather on the sister isle.

New Chairman, Ann Natasha Second, speaking to the media prior to the results, had confidently outlined her plans.

“Well, we have a number of things that we want to do in terms of internally; we want to continue to flesh out our structure, so we want to have things like our youth council, women’s council and so on immediately organised. Our action groups have already been put in place, so we want to mobilise persons. We have planning to do; strategic planning, we have outreach programmes and we because we come from many different political organisations and some from nowhere, we want to meet each other.

“We want to get together, and we want to gel as an organisation and get ourselves ready for any elections coming up.”