Andrea Bharatt’s father: “I regularly fixed the suspects cars”

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Andrea Bharatt’s father: “I regularly fixed the suspects cars”

Shocking revelations from Randolph Bharatt, the father of Andrea Bharatt who was abducted and murdered. He says he regularly serviced the vehicle of one of the men associated with his daughter’s murder.

Andrea entered a falsely registered taxi in Arima on Friday January 29th and was never seen alive again by her family . Her decomposed body was found six days later in the Heights of Aripo. An initial autopsy returned inconclusive findings, however the second revealed what could only be a nightmare for any father.

It stated that Andrea was hit with a blunt object to the front of her head, fell to the back, her skull cracked and she suffered hemorrhaging.

Randolph Bharatt is a very angry man. During this interview, he could only try to contain his immense anger. He is also very afraid for his own life. He told IzzSo media in an exclusive interview that he has not left his home since his daughters funeral on Friday Feb 12th, because he fears for his life, and without police protection which he had from the day his daughter was abducted and which ended on the day of her funeral, he is a sitting duck for criminals, just like his daughter was vulnerable. He said this was a frightening state of affairs .

He angrily said the criminals took out his child, so in his opinion he may be a target…

In a shocking revelation he disclosed the unthinkable, that he regularly serviced the car of one of the persons who have been associated with his daughters murder, but stopped short of identifying the individual for fear for his life…

He deliberately did not identify the person so as not to put his life in more danger.

He says he will get no justice in Trinidad and Tobago for his daughter’s murder. The only way he feels he will ever get justice is outside this country…

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