“An Agreement” Reached To “Promote Harmony In The Catholic Church in Grenada”

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“An Agreement” Reached To “Promote Harmony In The Catholic Church in Grenada”

Media reports say a truce has been brokered between Roman Catholic Bishop Clyde Harvey and Father Gerard Paul in Grenada.

Earlier this month, Bishop Harvey said Father Paul had “not been suspended because of what he had said about Gaza” but for his continued “lack of respect” for the church and his “pronouncements that often stray from the truth”.

Bishop Harvey said the suspension of a priest from ministry “is not to be confused with dismissal from the priesthood.

Suspension, however long it may be, is always with a view to fraternal correction”.

A statement issued recently said one of the two mediators, Terrence P Smith, stated  “an agreement” had been reached to “promote harmony in the Catholic Church in Grenada”.

It did not indicate whether or not Father Paul’s “indefinite” suspension had been lifted.

However, it said the agreement was reached following a meeting between the two Roman Catholic priests mediated by Smith and Shireen Wilkinson and witnessed by former Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Dr Francis Alexis, KC.

The statement said  “going forward, neither Bishop Harvey nor Father Gerard Paul will make any public statement apt to not be in the best interest of the Catholic Church”.

On March 27th the controversy began at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and subsequent statements made by Father Paul on various media platforms, in which he accused the church here for not condemning the situation in Gaza.