Ameen issues call for citizens to join October Revolution

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Ameen issues call for citizens to join October Revolution

UNC St Augustine MP Khadijah Ameen is calling on citizens to join the October Revolution.

She made the call on Saturday, as she marched with over 100 people in a silent march in Tacarigua, against the government.

Wearing black clothing and armed with black flags, Ameen and her followers walked from the Eddie Hart Savannah, along the Eastern Main Road and back to Macoya in the PNM-controlled Tunapuna constituency.

The October revolution protests began last Saturday when opposition MPs staged demonstrations demanding infrastructural issues in their constituencies be resolved.

Ameen said the protest was organised in defence of the people, adding “we will continue to show this government we are not afraid.”

She said: “We are law-abiding citizens, we are observing all Covid protocols, we are walking single-file to send a message that we are not afraid to stand for democracy.

“I urge TT to join us as the October Revolution has started. Join us.”