Ameen calls on ‘missing’ PM to act and respond to citizens in crisis

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Ameen calls on ‘missing’ PM to act and respond to citizens in crisis

St Augustine MP Khadijah Ameen, is calling on the Prime Minister to respond to his citizens, who are crying out after suffering major losses following the floods.

At the Opposition’s mid-week press briefing on Wednesday afternoon, Ameen, who is the Shadow Minister of Local Government, said the nation has not seen or heard from the PM during this crisis and they are absolutely fed up with the lack of government’s response now and previously.

She said the last time the nation heard from Dr Keith Rowley was on Saturday when he reiterated what was already told to Trinidad and Tobago by the Met Service, and that was to brace for extremely bad weather.

Ameen said, “I am calling on the Prime Minister today to respond as a leader. We have a lack of leadership at this time. Where is Keith Rowley in this crisis?”

She said: “His ministers are running around headless as we speak, the Minister of Works, the Minister of Local Government, the Minister of National Security, Minister of Social Welfare, all have critical roles to play in response to this flooding disaster that we are facing.”

Ameen added: “This country is asking for the Prime Minister to take charge and for leadership to respond to this crisis.”

UNC’s PRO, Kirk Meighoo, also shared similar sentiments.

He said, “Keith Rowley has shown absolute contempt for the people of Trinidad and Tobago during this flooding crisis.”

Additionally, Meighoo said, “citizens had to suffer up to an unbearable 6 hours in traffic on Tuesday evening, due to a lack of foresight, planning and care by Rowley and his Ministers. This chaos was absolutely unnecessary as the Northbound lane could have been used as a dual carriageway.”

He said: “In the midst of all this Government-made suffering, the Prime Minister is nowhere to be found. Once again, as in all other national disasters, he is hiding from the public.”