Alleged family of “Chris Must List” call for protest outside police station

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Alleged family of “Chris Must List” call for protest outside police station

People purporting to be the family of Canadian vlogger Christopher Hughes, aka Chris Must List, have called for the TT public to “protest and come together to draw attention to the front of the station to release (Hughes).”

Hughes is expected to appear in court next week, after he was charged with Publishing a Statement with a Seditious Intention.

A message on Hughes’ YouTube page read, “This announcement is from Chris’ family. Chris Must List has been held by police in Trinidad (Port of Spain) since May 28 and is not being released. They have no reason to hold him, they do not allow a lawyer present during questioning whatsoever, and have his hands locked throughout this time.

“They want to keep him for another four days or more which they have no reason to. We’ve been in touch with a lawyer in Trinidad who is to represent him but they are not giving him the opportunity to have him present to assist Chris further. Global Affairs is also aware and involved but the Trinidad police are still not budging.

“We are to make as much international noise as possible to have him released as he is being held unlawfully and without basic rights! Please share and make it known that Chris Must List must be released immediately!” the post read.

“If you are in Trinidad, he is being held in the police station at Port of Spain.”

All posts in relation to his visit and time in Trinidad had been removed. YouTube also removed Hughes’ videos of him interviewing Trinidad gang members.