All is not lost; Carnival could be held later in 2021

All is not lost; Carnival could be held later in 2021

Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, Randall Mitchell, says that all is not yet lost where Carnival 2021 is concerned.

Following the Prime Minister’s declaration that there can be no carnival next year due to covid19, Mitchell is now saying that “consideration will be given to having carnival celebrations later in the year, with the aim of generating economic activity. This would also assist in reviving and revitalising the creative sector and all the sectors that support this festival and its events.”

Mitchell said any decision to host Carnival celebrations later in the year would be made “only on the advice and go-ahead from the Ministry of Health and its officials on the progress made and elimination of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

In a media release yesterday, Mitchell also said his ministry is working to ensure Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival remains “at the forefront of the global Carnival landscape.”

He agreed with the Prime Minister that it cannot be business as usual, noting that it is critical the country’s health and safety are not jeopardised.

The current calendar dates had set aside February 15 and 16 for the culmination of Carnival 2021.