All hands on deck for Carnival says Carnival Silver Commander ACP Maharaj

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All hands on deck for Carnival says Carnival Silver Commander ACP Maharaj

The TTPS has assured of proper policing across the country during the Carnival Season.

At a media conference on Friday, Carnival Gold Commander ACP Kelvern Thompson said the Police Service is committed to ensuring the security of persons in and out of “carnival centres”.

Also speaking was Carnival Silver Commander ACP Winston Maharaj, who assured that officers will be out in their numbers.

Maharaj said it was all hands on deck as usual, with all available officers called to report for duty on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Policing for the Carnival season will be assisted by the T&T Defence Force and Municipal Police.

Maharaj also stated that officers caught faking sick leave could be reprimanded, according to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

He said while officers are entitled to sick leave if it’s found that an officer was not genuinely sick, there could be repercussions.

“While in terms of the…benefits that a police officer…is entitled to, there is an offence, disciplinary where if it is found that a person is malingering, that is to say the person presents a medical certificate indicating that he is ill, has some medical condition but it is discovered that is not so, it carries disciplinary measures and consequences.”

Maharaj was speaking on the issue of police officers potentially calling in sick during the Carnival season after reports that some officers had not received the promised four per cent back pay which was agreed to last year.