All gatherings a source for concern

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All gatherings a source for concern

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh is appealing with citizens to avoid all large gatherings.

He was asked to respond to whether or not he was concerned that there were still gatherings taking place in T&T that went awry of pandemic rules.

In particular, a PNM rally that was recently held in Tobago at which Prime Minister Dr Rowley was present, where allegedly there was non-adherence to pandemic protocols.

Minister Deyalsingh maintained that any gathering that did not adhere to Covid guidelines was a source for concern.

He also commented on a meeting he had with the Minister of Education with regard to the reopening of physical schooling for students preparing for exams including SEA students.
He said that there should not be a knee jerk reaction now as it pertains to any decisions made about going back out to school.