All fines and fees, including Face Masks fines, can now be paid via CourtPay

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All fines and fees, including Face Masks fines, can now be paid via CourtPay

All court-ordered compensation and fines, including face masks and maintenance, can now be paid online, starting today July 1st via the Judiciary’s CourtPay system.

This was revealed today in the latest Covid19 emergency practice directions.

In a statement, the Judiciary said payments can be made on the CourtPay portal on its website,

The time for the payment begins to run from August 3rd, in the event fines cannot be paid online.

Hearings for challenging the $1,000 face mask fines received before June 30, have been further adjourned, starting from October 5 to August 9, 2022, while hearings for tickets issued after July 1, will be the given on the notice when it was issued.

The CourtPay fines and fees portal accepts online credit card and Visa debit card payments and the Judiciary said later this month, it hopes to expand the online payment options to include CourtPay top-up vouchers as a cash payment alternative.

The Judiciary said information was available on the portal to guide customers on making payments and registering for CourtPay was not required. There is, however, a small fee applied to the payment transaction to cover the cost of processing the payment.

The public can contact the court location that the fine or fixed penalty notice had been issued for assistance.

Customers who cannot recall the details of their fine or are unable to locate the payment record on the payment portal can request direct access to their payment record using the portal’s query tool or by contacting the court via email or telephone using the contact information provided on the portal, the release advised.

CourtPay maintenance customers will continue to have access to the payment interface with access to the full range of payment options. The network of merchants where CourtPay top-up vouchers for making maintenance payments have also been expanded and a full list of agents is available on the portal.