Alexander: Neither PNM nor UNC had any business at Andrea’s funeral

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Alexander: Neither PNM nor UNC had any business at Andrea’s funeral

Leader of the Citizens Union of Trinidad and Tobago (CUTT) Phillip Alexander says neither PNM nor UNC had any business at Andrea Bharatt’s funeral on Friday, much less speaking.

In a statement on Sunday, he said “They are BOTH responsible for the condition of this country to varying degrees including the unchecked violence rocking this nation to its core, and Kamla Persad Bissessar displayed a complete lack of sensitivity in her zeal to climb up on this innocent child’s casket for political relevance, opening the door for Fitzgerald Hinds’ disgusting diatribe and now Keith Rowley’s attacks on the family, dragging this poor child’s memory and her family’s pain into their mud.

Alexander said “I and others who were also asked to speak watched as the UNC had Kamla deliberately overstay her time while openly plagiarizing my words, leaving the pastor no choice but to complain about the time and apologize to all who did not get a chance to speak, while the wider public messages asking if I was not going to say anything on the matter.

“We took it all in stride knowing that all along the way we steadfastly refused to politicize or pappyshow this movement for anything or anyone, refused to even brand the movement and paid nothing but solemn respect until she had her funeral as promised.

“Well known public spokespersons are also calling on them both to ‘read the room’ (the national mood) and stop it.

Alexander added that the family has called for national unity and national unity is what we should all be about.

He “Our nation’s Princess Andrea was given a state funeral BY the people, a larger turnout than any public or political leader in living memory.
The throngs who lined the roads and streets in tears holding up signs of love and comfort were not playing politics and neither should we.
Perhaps it is time to stop excusing the antics of Keith Rowley and Kamla Persad Bissessar and their political sides, and see them truly for who they always were, political opportunists who would do anything for power.”

Alexander said “Andrea’s death calls on us all to do better, and that is exactly what we must do.