Al-Rawi defends his appearance on Vibes with Voicey

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Al-Rawi defends his appearance on Vibes with Voicey

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi has defended his mask-less appearance on the online series Vibes with Voicey on Thursday night, which is hosted by soca artist Aaron ‘Voice’ St Louis.

Hours after the Prime Minister was asked about the AG at Saturday’s press conference at the Diplomatic Centre, and expressed his disappointment in him, the AG, in an interview with the Newsday, said there were only eight people in the room, it was a private event and people were required to wash or sanitise their hands before entry.

Supt Roger Alexander, co-host of the Beyond the Tape police programme, radio personality Ancil “Blaze” Isaac and celebrity bodyguard Kevin ‘Johnny Bravo’ Da Costa, were also in attendance.


Al-Rawi said “It was no different from sitting down in a restaurant and having a conversation. But all that is really irrelevant, right? It can be taken out of context and it has been…I could give you all the rationale and reasons as to why that was done, but it’s irrelevant. I fully support the Prime Minister’s call.”

He told the media house that it was a charitable event as money was donated based on the viewership.
In a Facebook post, he said, “I’m thankful to have stepped away from the suit and tie, sat back and supported charitable games with some very special people.

Al-Rawi admitted that a handful of other known public figures were in the room in which they played games and competed in challenges including arm wrestling.

The competitors’ hands were sanitised before the challenges but none of them were wearing masks or practising physical distancing at all times.

But despite all of this, he said he makes “no complaints” about Rowley’s comments and supports the statements he made.