AG: Nothing I can do about lack of staionary for CoE

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AG: Nothing I can do about lack of staionary for CoE

Any issues regarding a lack of resources for the Commission of Enquiry into the tragic deaths of four divers is being diverted by the Attorney General to the Office of the President.

Chairman of the Inquiry, Jerome Lynch requested basic tools to properly carry out the work of the Commission of Inquiry. He was at the time speaking at Tower D of the Waterfront Building in Port of Spain Wednesday.

Lynch said there is urgent need for those responsible for ensuring the resources, and materials needed for the commission to discharge its work provided such urgently.

Hours after commission chairman Jerome Lynch QC lamented that a lack of staff and even stationery to do their work was hampering their ability to expedite the process, AG Reginal Armour told the media there was nothing he could do about it.

Armour also suggested questions be posed to Senior Counsel Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, who is the lawyer for the commission.

But he admitted that he would want to hear exactly what was said by the chairma