Ag CoP: Investigators working feverishly to solve disturbing spate of murders

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Ag CoP: Investigators working feverishly to solve disturbing spate of murders

Acting Commissioner of Police Erla Christopher has assured that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is working feverishly to solve the series of murders that took place over this past weekend.

In a statement, the TTPS said:

“The weekend has indeed been an unwelcomed one. However, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) continues to work assiduously to investigate the recent murders, pursuing several strong leads.

“As it relates to the Central Division murders, our early indicators suggest there are connecting features, which suggest that the same group of individuals are responsible for these acts. Our investigators are pursuing further leads.

“As it relates to the triple murders in Carapo, gang activities in that area continue to engage our attention and we are pursuing certain leads.

“In the North Eastern Division, which includes Morvant and Blanchisseuse, our information indicates these murders were as a result of disputes between community members. Our investigators are working feverishly on the ground to bring the perpetrators to justice.

“With respect to the burnt body in the vehicle at Claxton Bay, the body remains unidentified, however, preliminary investigations revealed that the said vehicle was reported stolen earlier this month, from the Eastern Division.

“Investigators are currently working with relatives to ascertain a possible motive for the report of homicide in the Sangre Grande district, where the victim was a businessman.”

The TTPS said the prevalence of illegal guns is a central focus of the Service and Christopher has taken charge of strategies targeting the influx of firearms.

Acting Commissioner Christopher said: “We are not daunted by the unfortunate and disturbing spate of violence over this weekend. We will continue to intensify our crackdown on gangs to break the hold of the deadly gang culture and criminality, that leaves a trail of death and despair within our communities.

“What we may be witnessing is the storm before the calm, as the TTPS will continue to use its resources to supress these gangs and other criminal activities. We will not stop applying pressure on those who are determined to disrupt and strike fear in the lives of all law-abiding citizens. We will keep up the fight. God’s willing, we will succeed”.

The murder toll continued to rise over the weekend after several killings were reported, including discovery of three bullet-riddled bodies in a car in Carapo, three shot dead in Cunupia, and in a third unrelated incident, skeletal remains were found in a vehicle in Claxton Bay which had been set on fire.