AG condemns Wade Mark for misinformation on Procurement Legislation

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AG condemns Wade Mark for misinformation on Procurement Legislation

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi has condemned in the most serious way, recent statements made by Opposition Senator Wade Mark, as it relates to the Procurement legislation and he is urging members of the media to ensure they fact-check.

During a press conference on Monday, Al-Rawi pointed out that Mark claimed the amendments to the Procurement Bill removed the oversight of the Office of Public Procurement (OPP), which Al-Rawi said is just not the case.

He said “Senator Mark, please be truthful…the Government can only do its part.”
Al-Rawi said Mark’s statements about the bill were “ridiculous” as it related to the oversight of the OPP with regards to the disposal of public assets.
“In the public procurement law, the definition of public procurement includes assets. Public property is dealt with there,” he said.

Al-Rawi added “It is not lost upon me that not a single lawyer occupying the UNC benches would dare step forward and say these things,” Al-Rawi said.
He said that the Opposition left the argument to a “non-lawyer who comes up with hysterical arguments.”

He added that “So far not a single writer has pointed out the truth.”

Al-Rawi said “respectfully, stop quoting fiction. Get on with the facts, and I am saying this cause the rest of the world is paying attention.”