AG Al Rawi denies link to new Cannabis Company

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AG Al Rawi denies link to new Cannabis Company

In the wake of his successful piloting and the passage of Amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act 2019 and the Cannabis Control Bill being sent to a Joint Select Committee, Attorney General Faris Al Rawi has denied any family linkages to a new Company “The West Indian Cannabis Company Ltd. This after a document stated being circulated on Social media this weekend. One of the Directors in the Company is Jenna Nahous , alleged to be a relative of the AG’s wife Mona Nahous Al Rawi.

Christopher Joffre Moses, a director of the company, took to Facebook yesterday, after questions were asked if Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi’s wife or family were involved in the company and whether the company was established with prior knowledge to take advantage of decriminalisation legislation and the establishment of a Cannabis Authority which were piloted by the Attorney General.


The company was registered in February of 2019 naming as directors himself and Jenna-Marie Nahous, who is said to be a relative of the AG’s wife, Mona Nahous-Al-Rawi.

The AG categorically denied any knowledge or involvement in the company and said if he did he would have done what was required and declared knowledge and interest on the floor of both Houses if Parliament when the Bills were being piloted.

Christopher Moses issued a statement via social media classifying the company is an apparel company: “Our team believes a global cannabis apparel brand is prime to emerge from the Caribbean region and in preparation of this movement we have been in the process of building an apparel brand and a new forum to centralise all of the medical marijuana industry related news and press throughout the region.”