AG Al Rawi defends PM Rowley’s statements on private residences

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AG Al Rawi defends PM Rowley’s statements on private residences

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi defended the Prime Minister’s statement this morning, saying that he was speaking of a general power.

Speaking this morning on Power 102 FM, he said Dr Rowley was referring to section 133 of the Public Health Ordinance.

He explained that this meant that Public Health Officers, with the help of police authorities, could take the steps that the Prime Minister spoke of.

Last September, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith defended his officers’ decision to let party-goers in a gated community go without charge, despite them flouting the COVID-19 regulations.

As images and videos of a pool party allegedly held within a gated community surfaced on social media, Griffith responded to whether the partygoers in this incident were given special treatment since they were simply let off with a warning.

Commissioner Griffith said some clarity was needed on what defined a private and public space. He said Bayside Towers, while it was a private, gated housing community, could allow visitors to enjoy its facilities like the pool area stating that there were grey areas to the rules.

Questioned on how the issue at Bayside last year factored into the Prime Minister’s recent comments, the AG said the Bayside story was lost in the context of its details.

He commented on whether the issue could affect constitutional rights as it pertains to private property.

He said the police would not be rushing to enter private properties, however the public is being warned to act wisely so that they don’t have to.