Adverse Weather Alert In Effect Until 10AM Tuesday

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Adverse Weather Alert In Effect Until 10AM Tuesday

An adverse weather alert is in effect until 10am Tuesday.

The Meteorological Service says it was issued at 6pm on Monday.

It said there is a high chance the passage of a tropical wave will result in heavy showers and thunders showers.

It says these thunder showers can produce intense rainfall of over 25 millimeters.

Street and flash flooding are likely in areas so prone, causing minor traffic disruptions.

Electrical discharges are also so likely.

The threat of gusty winds in excess of 55 kilometers will also be present near heavy down pours.

These wind gusts may be brief, but are capable of breaking tree branches, displacing unsecure roofs and loose outdoor objects, and can even topple over trees.

Do not wade or drive through flood waters.

Secure loose outdoor items and livestock.

Citizens are asked to monitor conditions and official updates.