Adverse Weather Alert #1 – Yellow Leve

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Adverse Weather Alert #1 – Yellow Leve

Adverse Weather Alert #1 – Yellow Level in effect for Trinidad and Tobago from 8:00 AM on Thursday, June 2 until Friday, Jun 3, 2022 at 2:00PM!

Thunderstorms are 60-80% likely to occur, favouring Tobago and Northern parts of Trinidad on Thursday (2nd), followed by extended periods of showers and/or persistent rainfall, which can affect both islands on both Thursday (2nd ) and Friday (3rd).

Winds can gust in excess of 55km/h in heavy showers and thunderstorms. These thunderstorms can produce intense rainfall of over 25mm.

Street and/or flash flooding are possible in areas so prone, causing minor traffic disruptions.

Electrical discharges are also very likely as well.

This is due to a significant increase in moisture, instability and convergence behind the axis of a Tropical Wave, which is also being followed by an increase of low-level wind speed.

Instructions from the Met Office:

Secure loose outdoor objects. Monitor weather conditions and official updates via More information: