Adjusted vaccination plan for elderly begins June 16

Adjusted vaccination plan for elderly begins June 16

Following a chaotic start to its mass vaccination program, the Ministry of Health has decided to make some adjustments for the elderly.

Starting Wednesday June 16th, a new plan will be rolled out, and it will involve people being contacted by the RHA Primary Health Care Clinics and Hospital Clinics.

The target will be those in Homes for the Elderly, and Shut-ins will.

At the Health Ministry’s briefing on Saturday, Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said elderly people are no longer required to visit health centres and line up or be inconvenienced.

He said “Persons 65 and over, we are going to target you because we have in our RHA databases persons who are 65 and over, our hospital clinics, we do have some people 65 and over already on our database waiting for an appointment, we will be contacting you and asking you to come to the sites.”

As part of this initiative:
– Appointments will be given.
– RHAs will contact their clients.
– District Health Visitors will contact and visit shut-ins to vaccinate.
– Vaccinations will continue at the Homes for the Elderly.

Deyalsingh said to date, 750 residents and caretakers at these homes have already been vaccinated.

However, the number of vaccines available in this tranch is limited as Deyalsingh said only 20,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine will be allocated at this time.