Acting CoP: No COVID scare at Police Academy

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Acting CoP: No COVID scare at Police Academy

Commissioner of Police (Ag.) Erla Christopher has dispelled the rumours purported via a social media post, which states that there is a COVID-19 scare at the Police Academy,

In a release today, she said, “The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is purposed to provide safety and security to our citizens, by ensuring that we are equipped with the human resource necessary to aid in the fight against crime.

“We entered into a pandemic in 2020, and have continued to provide training, which encapsulates a double role of fulfilling the mandate for a greater human resource, while providing employment to many citizens. These recruits are now able to provide for themselves and their families, some of whom have lost their jobs during the pandemic.
The policy of the Police Academy is to be proactive in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the aim of protecting all our internal stakeholders, in collaboration with our Covid 19 Team tasked with ensuring systematic control.”

The Acting Commissioner notes, that it has been a mandatory practice to isolate and test new recruits and all instructors, prior to the start of training.

Commissioner Christopher reminds the public, that such practice is necessary for the successful incident free completion of the recruit’s training, as well as the protection of the lives and livelihood of staff at the institution and that such practise is in keeping with the organization’s Covid-19 Protocols.

The Recruits were inducted on Monday 09th January and were all tested and placed into isolation, until the results are obtained.

Thus far, there are only 4 positive results and they have been placed in further isolation with others, based on trace contact. The isolated recruits are regularly monitored by EMTs on site, who communicates further with the Police Doctor.