Aboud suggests opening borders for nationals to travel and get vaccinated

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Aboud suggests opening borders for nationals to travel and get vaccinated

Downtown Owners and Merchants Association’s (DOMA) President Gregory Aboud has no issue with Government’s latest decision to extend public health restrictions to July 4th.

In an interview with GML, Aboud said “There is the drastic state of affairs which still exists vis-a-vis the high infection rate and also the frightening number of persons who are dying from COVID-19 at this time and therefore we could not find any reason to quarrel with the need for a continuation of the measures which are currently enforced.”

Aboud is now suggesting, however, that nationals be allowed to travel abroad to get vaccinated as is currently being done in some other Caribbean countries.


He told the media house: “We know for a fact that this is working to help stimulate not only an expansion in the number of citizens who would be vaccinated but also to stimulate some movement across the borders of properly vaccinated people, especially citizens which would help the economy to reopen.”

“So that the strategy is to reduce the burden on Government vaccination by allowing those who can go overseas to be vaccinated and then giving those persons who are duly vaccinated twice including foreigners who have the two vaccines and the negative PCR, to enter the country. We know this has been successful in some of the jurisdictions in the Caribbean,” he said.