Starlite CEO defends Dianne’s Tea Shop

Starlite CEO defends Dianne’s Tea Shop

Although his relative, Michael Patrick Aboud, has apologised for comments he made regarding looting taking place during George Floyd protests in the US, Gerald Aboud is under fire for comments he made regarding a fellow businesswoman’s establishment.

On Tuesday, Dianne’s Tea Shop and its owner Dianne Hunte were accused of being tone deaf, after she posted a picture with the ‘All Lives Matter’ hashtag to her business’ Instagram page.

The ‘All Lives Matter’ movement has been criticized as being in contrast with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

Dianne’s post also coincided with the ‘Black Out Tuesday’ social media campaign, which was started within the music industry to bring awareness for support for the black community in the US.

Social media posts with ‘#blackouttuesday’ were shared online, and persons also used the #blacklivesmatter slogan to show solidarity with persons in the US.

But, on Tuesday, Aboud took to his Facebook page to defend Hunte.

Aboud, who is the CEO of Starlite Group Limited, posted, “Racism is one thing and the right to have an opinion is another.”

The post continued.

“Black people I will say this, we see your plight and we feel for all of you we really do, however what you beed to do is rise up from this state of mind, that is all I can say…Killing your people everyday, does blacklives matter then?”

Aboud has since blocked his account.

His relative, Michael Aboud, apologised for earlier comments he made regarding Floyd’s death.

Michael said his words were never intended to be racist.

He explained he was referring to people within the community “of all races”, ethnic compositions and religious backgrounds who engaged in anarchy that destroyed the very communities in which they reside, survive and thrive upon.

He apologised for any hurt caused by his statement.

Meanwhile, President of the Downtown Merchants Association (DOMA), Gregory Aboud, said he does not agree with social media comments made by his relative over the George Floyd protests.

He said his comments are totally insensitive to the anguish that is being felt about the killing of George Floyd.

He said Floyd’s death is a continuation of the justifiable complaint from African American citizens, especially men that are at risk of being killed by the police for no reason.

He stated his comments show no understanding of the pain that is being felt rejected his remarks totally.