Aboud calls on citizens to demand a new constitution

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Aboud calls on citizens to demand a new constitution

President of the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA), Gregory Aboud, is advocating for the nation’s constitution to be rewritten.

Aboud, during his address at a rotary club meeting in Port of Spain yesterday called on citizens to demand a new Constitution that would allow the people to elect who they want in parliament, and not the party in power to do it.

He said at present, there is no accountability, especially from those in Parliament to address issues facing citizens.

Aboud said the new constitution should allow for primary elections, completely remove service commissions and reintroduce line management.

All of this, he believed, would allow for more accountability to take place.

Aboud, in an interview with GML said, “The person elected at the moment to represent the party is chosen by the party and many times constituencies have put up candidates and they have been removed by the leadership of the party. That has to end.”

“The people who run in the seat should be the choice of the people, not the choice of the party. And, the people who run in the seat should be elected separately to the party so that if there is a policy being promoted by the party that the Member of Parliament (MP) does not feel is in the interest of his or her constituents, that policy could be opposed by the MP even though he comes from the party that is proposing it. This is true democracy, and this is how people get true representation,” he added.

Aboud said these fundamental changes to the constitution to re-introduce accountability and to separate the MPs from the party so that they could represent their constituents would make a huge difference.

He said until these changes are made, he is afraid the current state of the country will not improve.