Abdulah says UNC exposed it’s political weakness after Electoral College

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Abdulah says UNC exposed it’s political weakness after Electoral College

Political leader of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) David Abdulah said what transpired in the Electoral College last week, reinforces his view that neither the PNM nor the UNC are capable of providing good governance to TT.

He pointed out that the Opposition was publicly embarrassed and its political weakness exposed after three of its members did not support the UNC’s presidential nominee, Israel Khan, in the Electoral College meeting last Friday.

The Electoral College on Friday voted 48-22 in favour of former Senate president Christine Kangaloo being president-elect to serve as TT’s seventh president.

The vote from the Opposition in support of Khan was 22, three short of the UNC’s full parliamentary membership in the House and Senate.

Abdulah, speaking during a virtual news conference on Sunday, said, “Quite clearly, the UNC has more than egg on its face.”

“Their spokespersons were repeatedly calling on PNM MPs and Independent Senators to reject the nomination of Christine Kangaloo and to vote for Israel Khan, but lo and behold, some of their own persons maybe used their conscience and didn’t vote for either of the candidates,” Abdulah said.

He said: “Any way you take it, three UNC persons did not support their nominee. That is an indication of the weakness of the UNC. Certainly we will be speaking to that as we go forward.”

Abdulah said the events in the Electoral College also show “that both the UNC and the PNM cannot move this country forward, because neither of them are committed to significant constitutional reform.”

As he sees it, “they (both PNM and UNC) want to keep the relations of economic and political power the same.”

At a news conference after the vote, Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar said she was unfazed by the fact that three of her members did not support Khan.
She said those members “will have their own consciences to take care of and make peace with God.”