Abdulah calls on gov’t to create a stable work force

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Abdulah calls on gov’t to create a stable work force

Leader of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ), David Abdulah, is warning that the absence of permanent work could lead to the destruction of our society.

He is now calling on Government to do what it can to ensure there are sustainable jobs in Trinidad and Tobago.

Abdulah made the call during a virtual news conference on Friday.

He said: “Permanent work is absolutely necessary for a stable and growing economy and society,” and he again raised his concerns about the alleged plans to close down or privatise certain state enterprises.

Abdulah said: We need to create a stable work force,” and pointed out that people with permanent jobs believe they have a stake in society and will work towards its growth.

He added that any move to increase retirement age in TT from 60 to 65 years, would deny young people the chance to find permanent employment, force them to migrate, or enter into a life of crime.