‘A Taste of Zess’ Carnival underground 2022

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‘A Taste of Zess’ Carnival underground 2022

Carnival 2022 was a stark different from Carnival 2021 where the country was not in receipt of Covid-19 vaccines, there were strict COVID-19 restrictions/lockdown measures in place and partying was illegal.

However in 2022 citizens were able to embrace the country’s rich culture with less restrictions along with a variety of ‘safe zones’.

Image taken by Journalist Photographer: Abraham Diaz

While events took place at several ‘safe zone’ locations, citizens also took part in underground Zess J’Ouvert parties – some of which were shut down by members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.


Police have arrested 48 people at over 19 illegal Carnival parties which took place over the Carnival weekend.

Some of the areas in which illegal celebrations took place were, Arima, Maloney, Bagatelle in Diego Martin, Sea Lots, Beetham, Edinburgh 500, Enterprise, Curepe, the North Coast Road, Port-of-Spain and San Fernando – 19 locations.

Image taken by Journalist Photographer: Abraham Diaz

J’Ouvert parties kicked off in the middle of February and some ended on Carnival Monday night.

And while restrictions limited events to 50% capacity, patrons at designated ‘safe zones’ appeared to be in breach of COVID regulations – raising questions about the possibility of increasing COVID-19 numbers after Ash Wednesday.

Events held in both North and South Trinidad showcased party goers taking full advantage of being outside for the Carnival season.