A spaceship landed in town – ‘Fete with the Saints’ captured minds

A spaceship landed in town – ‘Fete with the Saints’ captured minds

Ben Gayah; the mastermind behind CIC’s ‘Fete with the Saints’ theme won the unwritten law for the best fete thus for Carnival 2020.

‘Go Beyond’ was the theme for the event, which was hosted on February 1st, at St. Mary’s grounds, Serpertine Road, Port-of-Spain.

Something from a futuristic 2030 movie – FWTS was out of this world – entrance to the event prepared you for your lift off from earth to outer space.

Upon entering you were left to roam for the entire night and indulge in a wide variety of extraordinary food items and any alcoholic beverage you can think of.

‘Go Beyond’ was a millennial‘ dream come true as you were given the option to be up close and personal to view your favourite Soca singer while dressed in your best ‘Instagram ready kit’ or grab a bite while taking selfies of your food, with the caption “At CIC fete and it’s amazing’ to gain more likes online.

Salmon and Quinoa



Pink Moscato

A variety of pastry











FWTS even provided lovers and good friends with a 360 degree photo shoot catered by Sunshine Snacks Sun Mix.

The entire night captivated patrons beyond food and drink; as live performances from some of the country’s top Soca artistes left you wanting more before the stroke of 12 midnight.





High energy, a well organised show and stage decor so mind-blowing that you would be ready to risk it all, get suited up and fly to space with ET *if he existed*.

IzzSo Fete Meter: 

Food/Drink: 10

Decor: 10

Performances: 10

Overall vibe: 9

Safety/Security: 10

CIC’s Fete With The Saints have thus far stolen the crown for the best put together event of the season.


See highlights of the event – Press play

Video shot and edited by Cornelius Hector