A Sex Island’ is promising attendees unlimited sex

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A Sex Island’ is promising attendees unlimited sex

An erotic-filled vacation event called ‘Sex Island’ is promising attendees unlimited sex with 100 girls for 50 guests for four days.

The excursion is scheduled to take place at an undisclosed location near Las Vegas from May 5 to 8.

According to the New York Post each ticket will cost $4,500 and is organized by the ‘Good Girls Company’ which boasts that each girl has been tested and cleared for all sexually transmitted diseases.


Guests can also get tested for all STIs and HIV on-site in order to have good, clean fun with the women.

Ticket holders will also have access to a “sensual” helicopter ride and other activities such as horseback riding, casino games, and a holographic concert.

However, previous customers claim the ‘Sex Island’ vacation is a scam as a prior event was canceled a day before it started.

Customer service reps reported that they are taking measures to make sure attendees will not be scammed for this weekend’s event.