A ‘hidden pandemic’ may be on the rise…U.K. experts warn

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A ‘hidden pandemic’ may be on the rise…U.K. experts warn

U.K. experts are now warning the public to be concerned about antibiotic-resistant infections, which are often described as a “hidden pandemic.”

According to the U.K Health Security Agency, one in five people with bloodstream infection in the last year had an antibiotic-resistant one. That data was after a decline in the number of antibiotic-resistant infections recorded in 2019.

Dr. Hopkins advised against taking antibiotics when you don’t need them as that only puts you and your loved ones at more risk in the future.
With one in five people with an infection in 2020 having an antibiotic-resistant one, the UKHSA warned that the data “suggests that resistant infections are likely to rise in the post-pandemic years and will require ongoing action.”

Experts fear that as we slowly emerge from the global Covid-19 outbreak, with rapidly winter approaching, antibiotic resistance infections could increase again.