HBO Legendary’s Jarrell Gucci ‘Rude’ Nude Video Has Gone Viral Again

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HBO Legendary’s Jarrell Gucci ‘Rude’ Nude Video Has Gone Viral Again

Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci, HBO Max’s voguing hit show is trending again and social media fans took interest in him from the breakout show this summer, now his name and nude videos have popped up again.

Gucci can be seen fully naked in the video, exposing himself with seeming delight, as it seem to be personal video allegedly for his partner.

Jarrell addressed the infamous video of him that’s making its rounds on the internet, saying “Make no mistake about it!! I am a sexy, confident, intelligent man and this doesn’t define me or my worth. It doesn’t bother me that the vids are out there. Hell, I made and I sent it, but in privacy. I know exactly who leaked it and they shall be dealt with.”

The television celebrity mentioned “I know that i’m destined for greatness and I accepted long ago that with that, will come the dirt diggers wishing to stain a name. This is not my first pic or vid that has leaked, been there, done that. Some of the hottest people on the planet have all had this happen, Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, usher, and countless more. No one was broken, but elevated.”

“We live in a modern world where everyone is snapping vids and pics of themselves. It’s a guilty pleasure that almost everyone indulges in. and with a body handcrafted by the maker himself, i’m no exception. I’m not the first and i definitely won’t be the last. My leaked footage is lit and i’m far from ashamed! But i’m also not proud. I am confident that this will blow over and in time, the next victim of exposure will have his time in the light, but i don’t wish that for anyone, ” he said.

Jarrel shared, “I simply ask that those who have any images of me that i did not send to you to stop being so fucking proud to share as if I personally blessed you with my nudes. You’re not that girl! Keep it to your self, have some personal fun with it if you wish, just don’t send to anyone out of respect for me, my fiancé and my professional life.”

And now that he gained social media’s attention…he urges his fans to vote in the upcoming U.S. elections.