92-year old’s death stirs police suspicion

92-year old’s death stirs police suspicion

The death of a 92-year old woman has caught the interest of police officers since her body bore marks of violence.

Muriel Evangeline Cherrie was at her St. Joseph home around 1:00p.m with her caretaker, when she reportedly collapsed and died from choking.

Her caretaker was said to be feeding Cherrie at the time, when she choked on some food and vomited before she collapsed.

However, when police responded to the scene after being called by the caretaker, they found blue and black marks about Cherrie’s eyes, face, arms and thighs.

They also met the caretaker’s boyfriend at the scene who identified the body in the kitchen.

Cherrie’s body was removed to the mortuary where an autopsy is expected to be carried out to determine the cause of death.

Investigations are ongoing.