90% turnout for manufacturing sector on reopening day

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90% turnout for manufacturing sector on reopening day

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) reported that all gears were grinding on Monday, as the sector was reopened by government.

TTMA President, Tricia Coosal said, “We have over 90 per cent of our manufacturing sector out to work as of today (yesterday). We have less than five per cent that are not open and a few reasons would be that they are sourcing raw materials and stocking up on inventory.”

Speaking to GML, she admitted that there were a few issues, with restarting of factories and starting up plants that would have been out production for a long period of time.
But she said, “We are getting the gears grinding again.”

She added that, “Inventory items on some of the materials would be perishable items. So these items would take a day or two to stockpile, to source, to stock within the factories, as they would not have been able to store this for quite some time.”

However, Coosal said she was confident that the industry would be back to normal by mid-week.