9 year-old at Astroworld in medically induced coma

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9 year-old at Astroworld in medically induced coma

Ezra Blount, 9, was sitting on his father’s shoulders during Friday’s concert so he could avoid the crowd.

However, Ezra’s father said he became overwhelmed due to the massive crowd surge and passed out, causing the boy to fall.

He was then trampled by the crowd and medics identified him as a “John Doe” after he was separated from his father.

After searching for the boy, his family found him at Texas Children’s Hospital and discovered that Ezra was suffering from major organ damage, and has severe brain swelling. He was also placed in a medical-induced coma.
The family is asking for accountability due to the aftermath of the concert resulting in eight deaths and multiple injuries. Ezra is currently battling his injuries in a local hospital and his loved ones hope he will recover soon.