76-year-old man gunned down in Charlieville

76-year-old man gunned down in Charlieville

Mervin Prescott, a 76-year-old retired firefighter, was shot and killed outside a bar in Charlieville on Monday night.

Around 7:45pm, Prescott parked his Honda Vezel vehicle on the roadway and was walking to Jai’s Bar along Caroni/Savannah Road, Charlieville, when he observed two men entering his vehicle.

When Prescott began walking back to his car, one of the suspects fired several shots at him, hitting him about the body.

The gunmen escaped with the vehicle, and Prescott was rushed to the Chaguanas Health Facility where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police said the stolen vehicle stalled a short distance away and was abandoned on the roadway.