$750 fuel grant for taxi drivers

$750 fuel grant for taxi drivers

Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan said his Ministry is currently in discussion with several taxi associations about the proposed fuel grant.

The Government has agreed to provide a fuel grant to maxi and taxi drivers as a way to offset the loss of income experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Prior to June 8, drivers were asked to reduce their capacity to 50%.

They are now allowed to accept 75% capacity.

In Parliament on Wednesday, Sinanan said taxi drivers will receive $750, which is less than the $2,000 promised to maxi drivers.

But, Sinanan said the figure was for four-seater taxis as opposed to the 25-seater maxi taxis currently in rotation.

Additionally, Sinanan said that an estimated 650 maxi-taxi owners have already received their fuel grants.

He said a total of 1,150 owners had applied thus far, and that the applications were at various stages of the process.

He admitted that there were discrepancies in the system such as persons applying for grants twice, and drivers claiming compensation for vehicles that have not been operational for years.