71-year-old El Socorro man charge with DUI

71-year-old El Socorro man charge with DUI

Police are reminding the public and all drivers of the dangers and possibility of fatalities when driving while intoxicated.

On Saturday 24th July, Fraud Squad detectives, while driving along the Northbound Lane of the Uriah Butler Highway, in the vicinity of the Caroni Flyover, observed a silver Toyota Rav 4 being driven in an erratic manner.

According to police reports, the driver almost ploughed into the police vehicle, failing to stop, while continuing to swerve wildly across all lanes of the highway. It was clear that the driver was a danger to other motorists and himself.

The officers engaged the attention of the driver and ordered that he pull to the shoulder and stop.

The sole occupant, a 71-year-old, of El Socorro, had a breath-alcohol concentration of 63 micrograms, 28 micrograms over the legal limit.

He was subsequently charged and will appear virtually before the Chaguanas Magistrate Court tomorrow.