7-year old girl found dead at Palo Seco home

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7-year old girl found dead at Palo Seco home

Investigations are currently underway into the circumstances surrounding the death of a seven-year-old girl, who was found unresponsive and bruised in a house in Palo Seco on Friday night.

Around 10:20pm, 25-year-old Deneil Rechia, mother of the minor, Mckenzie Hope Rechia, travelled to a mosque in Claxton Bay where she told the Imam that her daughter was unresponsive.

When the Imam went to the woman’s home, he discovered Mckenzie lying on a mattress on the floor of the wooden shack she shared with her mother, who police said suffered from a mental disorder.

He contacted the police.

On arrival, officers discovered the child covered with a curtain and clad in just her underwear and a top.
Her face was swollen and there was a bruise to the left side of her neck.

A close relative was detained at the scene for questioning.