7-member Tobago Carnival committee to be named on Monday

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7-member Tobago Carnival committee to be named on Monday

The committee tasked with overseeing Tobago’s first Carnival in October is scheduled to be named on Monday.

Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA), Farley Augustine, revealed that the 7-member committee was approved this week and the Secretary for Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation, Tashia Burris is expected to name the members on Monday.

Farley pointed out that some work has already started on planning the event and he has already met with the heads of Pan Trinbago’s Tobago branch, Tobago mas bands and TUCO.

However, no budget has yet been decided upon.

Augustine said, “The first task of the committee is to provide us with a…proposed budget and from that we will determine what will be the cost that we can actually afford.”
“We have asked each of the three major groups- pan, mass and calypso, to have attached to the seven core members. Those three groups will send representatives to sit at the table so they’re always part of the conversation,” he said.

He noted that the stakeholders are “happy, and everybody is participating in what will be Tobago’s first official Carnival.”