$600,000 marijuana found on-board Cabo Star

$600,000 marijuana found on-board Cabo Star

Officers of the Tobago Division Task Force (TDTF) seized a quantity of marijuana on Sunday 6th December, 2020 aboard the Cabo Star Vessel.

This exercise was co-ordinated by ASP Joseph, spearheaded by Sgt Stewart, supervised by Cpl Moses, and performed by officers attached to the Tobago Divisional Task Force and Canine Unit.

During the exercise, officers observed three crocus bags, two white and one orange, on a wooden pallet with objects protruding from them which aroused their suspicion.

The officers kept the bags under their observation however, no one claimed them.

The officers then carried out a check on the bags and found contained within a quantity of rectangular and cylindrical cardboard objects wrapped in transparent plastic, concealed in orange coloured sand.

The officers examined each of the said objects and found them to contain compressed dried plant-like material resembling marijuana. The find was seized and conveyed and processed at the Scarborough Police Station.

The drug weighed 13.162kg and has an estimated street value of $600,000.00.
WPC Edwards is continuing enquiries.