6-Year-old Boy Finds Bullet in Cheetos Snack


6-Year-old Boy Finds Bullet in Cheetos Snack

A father is speaking out after his young son located a bullet inside his bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos over the weekend.

Bow Horn Weasel of Elmo, Montana, purchased a bag of hot Cheetos for his 6-year-old son on Saturday. However, the boy didn’t open them until Sunday, which is when he discovered the bullet at the bottom of the bag with red crumbs on it. Thankfully, he did not ingest the slug.

Weasel told TMZ that he contacted Frito-Lay via their official Facebook page. He provided screenshots of the DM exchange between him and the company. The father says that they will be sending him a testing kit. Weasel says he isn’t looking to cash in on the incident. Instead, he is hoping to protect others from this potentially dangerous finding.

It remains unclear how the bullet ended up in the bag. PepsiCo, which is Frito-Lay’s parent company, has not commented publicly.