$6 million spent on PPE for schools

$6 million spent on PPE for schools

Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education Lenor Baptise-Simmonds said that the Ministry has received funding from the Ministry of Finance to prepare schools for CXC Exams on July 13.

Meanwhile, Minister of Education Anthony Garcia said the Ministry is working with the Ministry of Health to ensure that safety protocols are followed for the July exams.

Garcia said that the Ministry will acquire thermal scanners for students and teachers, which will take their temperatures before they enter the schools.

Schools must also be properly sanitized, and tenders will be sent in the next week to source cleaning companies for the schools.

Extra hand sanitizers and sinks will be given to schools in need. Officials will also be checking bathrooms and sinks to ensure that they are in good working order.

As it relates to the day of the exams, students will be placed six to 10 feet away from each other.

Since the only students on the compound would be those from Forms five and six, the entire school compound will be utilized for the exams.

There will also be a system in place to manage the influx of students so that there are no large gatherings before or after exams.

He said more moderators will be needed ahead of the exams, and training for invigilators will be completed online.

Schools will officially open on September 1st 2020.

No word has yet been given on SEA.