4th person charged for murder of 6-year-old girl

4th person charged for murder of 6-year-old girl

A Cascade man appeared before a Port-of-Spain Magistrate charged with the 2016 murder of six-year-old Parris Griffith and the attempted murder of her mother, Akeila Schelborn.

Kashaun Boyce, 25, of Hololo Mountain Road, Cascade, was charged with the offence on Sunday 7th June.

On the morning of Saturday 20th August, 2016, the victims were asleep in a house at Straker Village, Laventille, when the house was
set on fire as a result of a dispute.

This resulted in the death of Parris Griffith and serious injuries to her mother.

Three persons were subsequently arrested and charged in connection with the incident.

Following investigations , the fourth accused was arrested on Friday 5th June.