49 persons tested positive for Covid-19 in T&T

49 persons tested positive for Covid-19 in T&T

Health Minister Terrance Deyalsingh confirmed that 40 of the 68 persons who returned from the Guadeloupe cruise ship have tested positive for Covid-19.

In addition to the existing 9 cases in the country, there are now 49 persons tested positive for the virus.

During a press conference on Saturday morning, Deyalsingh said although the Government warned persons not to travel, the 68 persons still left the country to go onboard the cruise ship and were exposed to the outbreak.

Deyalsingh said when the 68 landed on March 17th, they were swabbed and shuttled to a facility in Balandra to begin their self-isolation. He received information on Friday night that 40 tested positive.

He said they have been removed from the facility and taken to Couva Hospital to be treated.

Meanwhile, the 28 persons who have tested negative have stayed at the facility. Deyalsingh said the compound has been sanitized, but the 14-day isolation policy must restart, from Saturday, for those persons.