35-year-old labourer charged for burglary

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35-year-old labourer charged for burglary

GIDDEON BARLO, also known as “Lennyboy” was arrested and charged yesterday for burglary. He is scheduled to appear today before Magistrate Aden Stroude at the Siparia Magistrates’ Court.

The 35-year-old labourer from Penal was charged in relation to an incident that occurred on August 10th, 2020.

The victim went to sleep around 12.05 am after securing her home in Penal. Around 2.30 am, she was awakened by a noise at her bedroom door.

As she approached the door, it flew open and she saw a man known to her. The man, who was allegedly armed with a knife, started to attack her and verbally threatened her life.

A struggle ensued and while defending herself the man fell to the floor.

He immediately got up and ran, jumping through a window on the eastern side of the home. He escaped on foot.

The suspect was arrested and charged yesterday after extensive enquiries were conducted by Sgt Haynes and WPC Sonnylal of the Penal Criminal Investigations Department (CID).