3 arrested for guns and ammo in Chaguanas

3 arrested for guns and ammo in Chaguanas

Three men were arrested and a high-powered rifle and quantity of ammunition seized by officers of the Central Division on Monday morning.

According to reports, officers were on mobile patrol along Tasker Avenue, Cashew Gardens, Chaguanas around 2:30am on Sunday when they heard several loud explosions.

The officers proceeded in the direction of the sounds, where they observed three men being chased by two others, one armed with a weapon.

Upon seeing the officers, the gunman fired several shots at them. The officers, in accordance with the Use of Force policy, returned fire.

However, the two suspects escaped into some nearby bushes.

Police discovered one AR-15 automatic assault rifle loaded with several rounds of ammunition was found at the scene.

Three men, ages 26 to 37, all of the Longdenville district, were subsequently detained in connection with the incident.

Investigations are ongoing.