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29 year old woman chopped to death

Neisha Sankar

After months of abuse 29 year old Neisha Cyleane Sankar was chopped to death at the hands of her husband 45 year old Harricharan Ramsundar, while their eight year old son slept in an adjoining room on Monday.

According to neighbors the incident was the tragic end for the Republic bank teller who suffered abuse for many years in a relationship she was in since she was a child.

Close friends said that the 29 year old wanted a better life for herself and her son but on Monday after staying away from home since Friday, screams were heard just after 6:00. By the time neighbors got inside the house they were greeted by the ghastly sight of her bleeding body with her arm almost severed and deep chop wounds to her head and back.

They took her sleeping son to safety and called police. Southwestern police initiated a search for her husband and later found him hanging in a garden not far from the couples home in Phulo drive Siparia of an apparent suicide.

Officers of the Homicide Bureau of investigations including Inspector Daryl Corrie and South Western Police are continuing investigations.

The couples son was left in the care of relatives who are still traumatized from the loss and horrific incident. The woman’s body was taken to the Forensic Science Centre for an autopsy to be conducted.