$284 million spent on social services for Covid-19 relief

$284 million spent on social services for Covid-19 relief

At a press conference on Wednesday morning, Minister of Social Development and Family Sevices Camille Robinson-Regis said that the Government has spent over 200 million on Covid-19 relief.

She said the Government has assisted two categories of persons- those who were on the database for some form of Government assistance and those who were disadvantaged and unable to adequately provide for their families because of the Covid-19 virus.

As a result, she said the Ministry has continued to provide support to 170,000 individuals and families.

This assistance was given in the form of senior citizen pensions, public assistance grants, disability grants, food support, and other support services.

Robinson-Regis said that these grants were all paid on time and in the correct amounts.

Robinson-Regis said that there were applications to scam the Government and as a result, those applications were rejected.