283 arrested, 368 charged by GBVU since its launch

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283 arrested, 368 charged by GBVU since its launch

Acting Superintendent and head of the Gender-Based Violence Unit (GBVU), Claire Guy-Alleyne has revealed that since the unit was launched in January 2020, 283 arrests were made and 368 charges have been laid.

At the TTPS media briefing today, she pointed out that since her unit’s inception, they’ve interacted with 2,622 people, both male and female.

Guy-Alleyne said “Out of that 2,622, 2,338 were females and the remaining were males. Every single victim has expressed how happy they were with the service that was provided to them.’

Guy-Alleyne said based on these results “We continue to encourage the public to make reports and feel confident that when a report is made, it will be treated with priority and the strictest of confidence.”

“I can assure you that officers were chosen for their special skill set including the ability to show compassion for the victim while maintaining the TTPS motto to protect and serve with pride.”

“We at the GBVU and Special Victims Department will continue to remain steadfast when dealing with the public. We will continue to treat victims with respect.”

Guy-Alleyne also addressed reports of people seeking to file reports and being turned away from police stations.

She said the TTPS is mandated to take all reports from the public and if they do have any issues, they can request to speak with a superior officer in order to file the report.